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Angelika London is a high end London clothing brand created by designer Olivia Totman. Angelika London is taking clothing to a whole new level by combining contemporary art and fashion. Designer Olivia created her collection while studying fashion in London. However it wasn't until she had graduated that she was able to gain the knowledge and skills needed to bring her dream of being a designer to life.


"The reason I started Angelika London was to create stand out clothes. I wanted the art to become alive, instead of hanging a painting in your home I wanted my clients to be able to wear it"

The brand cannot only be discovered in some of the best boutiques in Europe but also has a regular appearance in some of the worlds most recognised media outlets. Each piece of clothing is made out of the finest materials to achieve the highest quality possible and every item has a unique design that has been individually hand drawn and painted. 

 Angelika London's latest edition is the new sister line AL By Angelika London which is still very much at the heart of the Angelika brand but with a slight adjustment to the way our art is presented. 

"We were keen to make our pieces available to everyone and I believe creating this more affordable range is the way to achieve this" 

AL by Angelika London is still using the finest fabrics that are seen in the high end line, but with the hand drawn designs being sketched and digitally transferred onto the clothing instead of hand painted.